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Build our Real Imprints Campus

Help us reach our goal of $250,000
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Solar Panels

1 – $40
4 – $160
10 – $400
20 – $800
25 – $1000

Bunk Beds

1 – $250
4 – $500
10 – $2500
20 – $5000

Clean Water

(local water filter system)

1 – $250
4 – $500
10 – $2500
20 – $5000

Home Repair & Renovation

We repair and renovate home needs within the community that will offer happier and healthier living. 

Community Water


Fund a large water project for a community. (This is an estimate and will assess local needs and you will see what the exact expenses will be and where they come from).


Fund local teachers to run after school literacy programs.

Fund community school improvement projects.

What is The Real Imprints Campus?

We are currently in a small one-room space for our sewing school which has been a great start. However, we are growing and God has opened our hearts and minds to a campus where we can help, educate, and empower more women and families to live their mission. It’s impossible to do what we feel led to do, in the space we have.

Future Campus Construction Plans

Stage 1

Find and Buy Land

  • Work with locals and local officials to find and purchase land.
  • Fundraise to purchase the land and future stages of the campus.

Stage 2

Prepare the Land

Clear and level building spots from trees, debris, and rocks

Stage 3

Begin Construction on the Sewing School

Volunteers and locals will work together to construct each building and need on the campus. Our sewing school will be the first of the education centers built.

Stage 4+

Continue Construction

In addition to our sewing school, we plan to build a medical center, literacy center for moms and children, and a healthy living center providing resources for healthy physical and mental living.

What the campus will offer and create

  • A beautiful safe place of refuge for women and families to find and feel hope and empowerment
  • Education – in our time in Guatemala, we saw the power of education in a way we had never seen it, and want to give that gift to as many as we possibly can. Education changes lives and breaks cycles in Guatemala.
  • Physical and Mental Health Resources – both preventative and restorative
  • A place of healing – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically both for the local women and families, as well as our volunteers.
  • Programs for women and families
  • Jobs – from the groundskeepers to the teachers to the women receiving education and opportunity, many jobs will be created
  • Opportunity to break the cycle of internal and external poverty

Our Financial plan to make it happen



to start

100% of donations go towards the Real Imprints campus, programs, and needs

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.
-Flavia Weedn