The story behind our necklaces and keychains

Our story starts back at the beginning when Neil Essig created our inspired logo. Little did we know God’s plan then or the inspiration behind the logo, but now we do. The Real Imprints foot is first and foremost a symbol of Christ’s life and mission, he is our ultimate mentor who so perfectly LIVEd His mission leaving footprints for us to follow on our own journey. The foot also reminds us of other people, mentors, and experiences in our lives that have inspired us to be better, or lifted and helped carry us through difficult times. It so perfectly represents our precious angel babies and lost loved ones who have imprinted our hearts so deeply, and reminds and inspires us to LIVE our own personal mission. The Real Imprints foot has become a symbol of inspiration, love, grace, mercy, hope, healing, gratitude, charity, faithfulness, sacrifice, empowerment, overcoming, mentorship, and enduring to the end to do God’s will and fulfill our missions, just as Christ did. Some things have changed with Real Imprints since we first started in 2014, but the need to spread the good, be the good, and share the good has not and this is an exciting way we can all join together to do just that! We will all be wearing reminders of what matters most. When you need a reminder that you got this, that Christ is with you, and that you have a tribe of people that believe in you, just grab onto your necklace or keychain and know that you’re not alone and that you can get through anything with Christ.




Mission Merch

*Necklaces are available in gold and silver